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Ryan Martin Brown is a filmmaker from North Florida residing in Brooklyn. He's made some short films you may have seen but most likely haven't. You can read about them on the only other page on this website.

As an actor, Ryan appeared onscreen opposite Joaquin Pheonix in Lynne Ramsay's YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, and co-stars in the feature comedy YELLING FIRE IN AN EMPTY THEATER, written and directed by Justin Zuckerman.


Ryan also produced YELLING FIRE IN AN EMPTY THEATER (Slamdance '22), which was aquired by Cinedigm/Fandor for release in 2023 and is screening in cinemas around the country. 


He also produced  Paula Andrea González-Nasser's LIMESTONE and Chris Osborn's GUSSY, both hits on the festival circuitHe worked most recently as an assistant editor on JEEN-YUHS: A Kanye Trilogy.


Ryan is a co-founder of 5th Floor Pictures, a Brooklyn-based production company. He's currently in post on FREE TIME, a feature film starring Colin Burgess, Rajat Suresh, Holmes, and Jessie Pinnick.

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